Douglas Massey Director Office of Population Research Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs Princeton University

 Magaly Sanchez -R

Academic Coordinator Venezuela Today

Magaly is a Senior Researcher and Visiting Scholar at the Office of Population Research at Princeton University after being a Professor at the Central University of Venezuela.

Mary Lou Delaney     

Communication and Manager Officer Venezuela Today

Program Assistant Office of Population Research Princeton University

Erik Zitermann

Poster Designer


Roberto Briceño Leon

Roberto Briceño-León is a Professor of Sociology at the Central University of Venezuela and Director of the Social Science Laboratory (LACSO). Since 2005 he serves as the coordinator of the Venezuelan Violence Observatory that joins seven Venezuelan Universities. He has written several books on the topic. Among the most relevant are: Violencia e Institucionalidad (Caracas, Editorial Alfa, 2012) Inseguridad y Violencia en Venezuela (Insecurity and Violence in Venezuela, Caracas, Editorial Alfa, 2009); Sociología de la Violencia en América Latina ( Sociology of Latin América Violence; Quito, FLACSO,2008); Violencia en Venezuela (Caracas, LACSO, 2007); Morir en Caracas (Dying in Caracas; Caracas, UCV, 2003); Violencia, Justicia y Sociedad en América Latina (Violence, Justice and Society in Latin America); Buenos Aires, CLACSO, 2002).

Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa is a professor at the School of Communication at the Universidad Catholic Andres Bello in Venezuela since 1989. He is in charge of the Course on Sociology of Communication in Latin America and a researcher at the center for Human Rights at the same University. Since 2006, he serves as the Executive Director of Espacio Public (Public Space), a civic association in Venezuela that works on the protection of free expression and information in Venezuela today.

Ivan de la Vega

Ivan de la Vega is currently Professor at the Universidad Simon Bolivar, and Director of the LIM International Laboratory of Migration. His research work has been centered on the studies of technology and knowledge management; the innovation, knowledge and intellectual capital management, and the relation between technology and society; strategic planning and finally the relation between technology, sports and society.

Luis García Mora

Luis García Mora has been a journalist and political analyst for the past four decades. He is a two-time winner of Venezuela’s highest journalism award, Premio Nacional de Periodismo. He was recognized for his work as Director of Information of Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV). He held several senior leadership positions in El Diario de Caracas (1988-1992), Venezolana de Televisión (1984-1985), Radio Caracas Televisión (1972-1982), and Radio Caracas Radio (1970-1972). Mr. García Mora is currently working as a strategic communications consultant.

Jose Guerra

Jose Guerra is a Professor of Economics at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) where he teaches two courses, Theory and Monetary Policy and Economic Problems of Venezuela. He has worked at the Banco Central of Venezuela managing and coordinating Economic Research. He obtained a Specialization in Economics at the Economics Institute at the University of Colorado, and a Master degree in Economics at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign.

Margarita López Maya

Margarita López Maya is a historian and PhD in Social Sciences of the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She is Senior Professor-Researcher of the Center for Development Studies (CENDES) also of the Universidad Central. Professor López Maya is a past editor of Revista Venezolana de Economía y Ciencias Sociales and currently on the Board of the Latin American Social Sciences Council (CLACSO). She is recognized as an important expert in Modern Venezuelan History, especially of the Chavista Era.

Leopoldo J. Martínez

Leopoldo J. Martínez,a graduate from UCAB (JD’87), Harvard Law School (LLM’89), Princeton University (MCF’96) and the University of Miami (LLM-Tax ’07). He is an international lawyer, social entrepreneur and former Venezuelan Congressman (2000-2005).Currently Chairman of the Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas, Editor of IQ Latino, and the Principal of LMN Consulting, LLC. He also coordinated the activities of Comando Venezuela in the US during the 2012 Presidential Election, and is a member of the International Committee of the Mesa de Unidad Democratica (MUD).

Douglas Massey Director Office of Population Research Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs Princeton University. Douglas S. Massey has served on the faculties of the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on international migration, race and housing, discrimination, education, urban poverty, and Latin America, especially Mexico.

Eduardo F. Massieu

The freedom of Venezuela is unequivocally what drives Eduardo every day. While he was pursuing his Economic and Law degrees at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, he witnessed the Venezuelan society being dragged to serfdom through violence and political intolerance. He then decided to act, leading among other students, the grassroots Venezuelan Student Movement, which delivered President Chavez’ first electoral defeat in 2007. His academic background and on-the-field experience led him to work in the only liberal think tank in Venezuela, CEDICE, disseminating the values of private property and rule of law. With the notion of introducing more accountability, excluding special interests and raising the political commitment of the citizenry, Eduardo built from scratch a fundraising platform, Proyecto Ceiba, for a new political party, Voluntad Popular. Later on, he was appointed by Congressman Jose Ramon Sanchez as his Chief of Staff to help him develop an international strategy for the Venezuelan opposition party Primero Justiciain the Latin American Parliment. This led him to work on the campaign team of Presidential Candidate Henrique Capriles Rodonski, who after 14-years has brought Venezuela to the brink of democracy. Eduardo is currently a MPA candidate at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and is also pursuing a MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Franscisco J. Monaldi

Doctor Monaldi is currently a Visiting Professor of Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government and Roy Family Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University. He is also Adjunct Professor of Energy Policy at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and Non-Resident Fellow for the Latin America Initiative at the Baker Institute at Rice University. He is currently on leave as Professor at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA) in Caracas, Venezuela. He is also the founder and Director of IESA’s International Center on Energy and the Environment.

Eduardo Moncada

Eduardo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University. He received his BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Human Rights (1999) from what was then known as Friend World College of Long Island University. He obtained his Master degree in Latin American Studies from University of Miami (2003) and his Ph.D. in Political Science from Brown University.

Professor Moncada has published several articles and reports on Insecurity and Violence in Colombia, and a Book on Cities Business and the Politics of Urban Violence in Latin America.

Juan Carlos Navarro

Juan Carlos Navarro is a Science and Technology Principal Technical Leader in the Competitiveness and Innovation Division in the Inter-American Development Bank. He has contributed to the development of technical assistance activities and the design and implementation of lending programs in the fields of education, science, technology and innovation in 20 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has a leading role in shaping the overall strategy of the IDB in those fields.

John Packer

John Packer is currently a Constitutions and Process Design Expert with the UN’s Standby Team of Mediation Experts attached to the Mediation Support Unit within the UN Department of Political Affairs. He was recently appointed a Professor of Law and Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa – a bilingual and bi-juridical School and a multidisciplinary Centre. He was formerly the Senior Legal Adviser and then first Director in the Office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, previously having worked for the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, the ILO and the UNHCR. In 2004, together with the late Max van der Stoel, he co-founded the Initiative on Quiet Diplomacy to encourage institutional capacity building for effective preventive diplomacy within regional and other inter-governmental organizations. He has advised on transitional processes, diversity management, constitutional and legal reform, the protection of human rights including minorities, and various peace processes throughout the world. He is currently advising the UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser for Yemen as well as assisting the UN in a number of other situations.

José Manuel Puente

Professor Puente is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Latin American Centre in Oxford University 2013-2014. He is Professor of Public Policy at the Institute for Advance Studies in Administration (IESA), (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración). And he is a Professor of Economics and Economic Theory and Policy at the IESA’s Master in Administration, at the Central University of Venezuela.

Laura Rojas

Laura Rojas is a trade policy expert and negotiator as well as a government relation specialist that helps businesses and governments to solve problems through strategic planning and stakeholder engagement. Ms. Rojas’ work experience includes time spent at the private sector, at international organizations and at the highest level of the Venezuelan government. An international consultant since 1994, Ms. Rojas is currently CEO of a consulting practice, Washington Consulting Corporation (WCC), in Washington D.C. She provides strategic advice and advocacy to companies bidding and winning U.S. and overseas government contracts and making cross-border transactions. Ms. Rojas advises importers and has written a handbook on compliance with U.S. food safety standards and other U.S. consumer products regulations and custom entry requirements. She has also helped clients in China, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, the Dominican Republic, Colombia and other countries in Latin America.

Ms. Rojas’ public service includes cabinet level positions in the government of Venezuela, first at the Foreign Trade Institute and then at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Previously, Ms. Rojas was part of the team that negotiated Venezuela’s adhesion to GATT in 1990.

Rocio san Miguel

Rocio san Miguel is a lawyer with specialization in Law and International Policy from the Central University of Venezuela. She has a Master degree in Security and National Defense obtained at the Instituto de Altos Estudios de la Defensa Nacional (Institute of High Studies of National Defense). Currently she is the President of the Nongovernmental organization “Control Ciudadano para la Seguridad, la Defensa y la Fuerza Armada Nacional” (Citizen Control for the Security, Defense and the National Armed Force’s). She has served the Venezuelan Public Administration between 1991 until 2004 with different responsibilities: an analysis and researcher at the National Counsel for Security and Defense of the Nation, and as a Judicial Consultant of the National Border Counsel. She was General Director at the Infrastructure Cabinet, Associated Adviser to the Center of Military Advances Studies as well as Professor at the Superior School of the National Guard, and the Superior School of Air and Marine War.

Magaly Sanchez -R

Magaly is a Senior Researcher and Visiting Scholar at the Office of Population Research at Princeton University after being a Professor at the Central University of Venezuela. Her work in Latino America has been characterizes by the study of the urban areas, metropolis formation and the growing informal world that permanently coexists in all spheres of Society. She stresses research on urban segregation, barrios, and violence radicalization. She authored and co-authored several publications on this matter, and continues to work in aspects related with radicalization of political and criminal violent actors.

Recently, Professor Sanchez -R has studied International Migration to the United States, with special interest in the construction of Latino Identities. A book Co-authored with Douglas Massey “Brokered Boundaries: Creating Immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrant Times” by the Russell Sage Foundation. Lastly, she is advancing research on International Migration of Talent and High Skill Educated to United States, with special interest in Venezuelans and other Latin American groups. The project now seeks to broaden its focus to include immigrants from Europe, Asian and Arabs countries of origin.

Veronica Zubillaga

Her publications include the books El nuevo malestar en la cultura (The new discomfort in the culture)Co- author with Hugo José Suárez and Guy Bajoit Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales, 2013, and Violencia Armada y Acuerdos de Convivencia en una Comunidad Caraqueña  ( Armed Violence and Agreements of Co-habitation in a Community in Caracas) with Manuel Llorens, Gilda Núñez and John Souto . Editorial Equinoccio, 2014 

Her research interests include: Urban Violence in Latin America; youth gang violence in Caracas; masculinities, qualitative methods. In recent years Zubillaga has combined academia with public impact on the domain of social violence, specifically promoting an arms control and disarmament public policy. She has published in Current Sociology; Revista Mexicana de Sociología; Nueva Sociedad among others. In 2013 she got the Security Challenges in the Americas Fellowship for Visiting Scholars at Brown University in 2014, and in 2012 a Fulbright Research Scholarship.


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